Engineering Your Dreams

The Development

Unique Developers founded in 2015 by Basheer Georges and Steven Xu bringing over three decades of experience to their off the plan and custom designed development projects:

  • Skilled turnkey residential projects
    • Extensions
    • Additions
    • Dual occupancy
    • Free standing homes
  • Remodelling and Renovations

The Build

From concept to completion, our team works with you creating the ultimate dream home shaping your personality and purpose into the property striking a balance between aesthetics and functionality.

When custom building a home, our clients enjoy having control over every aspect of construction, from the layout of the homes, to the luxury materials and/or eco-friendly fixtures they have to choose from.  We do offer off the plan ready to build designs too, but one of the factors that excites the Unique Developer client is the ability to inject their own personal style and taste into their property right from the building foundations to the final finishes.

Our service also includes the coordination and execution of relevant building approval submission.  In doing so, we maintain a strong track record in our efficient rate of completion that is above industry standard without compromising quality of the build or cutting corners.

Our building contract sets out the full terms and inclusions ensuring there are no hidden surprises and your project is completed in budget and on time.

The People

Our relationship with building suppliers and contractor network spans over decades, and our clients are able to experience competitive rates on all aspects of their property development which our company has been able to procure.

The Australian Investment Climate

For local and international investors, Australia is now experiencing optimal conditions of growth that will see 93,000 new home builds this year (41% increase).
In a climate of lockdowns and restrictions, the end of 2020 saw a 9.3% increase in first home buyer loan commitments. Current financial forecasts into 2022 estimate a 6-8% increase in property values.